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Verkey breezes by challenger in GOP caucus

Town Supervisor Chuck Verkey won his first four-year term in 2015 as a Republican running on the Democratic ticket.

He won’t have to do the same thing this time around.

Verkey bested challenger Brad Steve 133-73 in a Republican caucus Thursday night at Newark High School to gain the GOP nomination for supervisor.

Meanwhile, Dawn Pisciotti, wife of former Wayne County Sheriff Dick Pisciotti, and incumbent Councilor Richard Van Laeken won nominations for two open town board seats. Pisciotti was the top vote-getter with 126 votes, while Van Laeken bested Jessica Wells, 105-101, for the other nomination.

The town board seats are four-year terms.

Verkey’s win comes after he was attacked on social media over dealings with the purchase of Frey Street building for a new town hall, as well as other issues.

Dick Pisciotti alluded to those posts in his nominating speech for Verkey. Pisciotti said people should never “base their votes on rumors and innuendos,” adding that Verkey, a former state trooper and Wayne County sheriff’s deputy, conducts himself in an honest and open manner.

“He opens the floor (at meetings) to everyone who has something to say,” said Pisciotti, adding that Verkey “does things for people above and beyond” his responsibilities.

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