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Students participate in 100 day build in Newark

Lincoln School Kindergartners were “builders at three different job sites” February 27th during their celebration of the 100th day of classes this school year by building to the number 100.

But before they could begin their 90-minute ‘work day’ they received their yellow hard hats and job site badges.

Then they got busy with various number 100-related activity tasks in each of the three Kindergarten classrooms they took turns rotating to that included:

– Stacking 100 cups and doing the paper work to prove it by coloring each row of 10 cups for every cup stacked

– Filling individual baggies for themselves with a 100-day snack from 10 different bowls filled with different goodies to eat

– Building bridges out of Play-Doh and sticks strong enough to hold 100 paper clips

– Using their imagination to build all sorts of things with 100 legos and blocks

– Making a book by coloring 10 construction items on each page to add up to 100

– Putting together100 day puzzles

– And guessing which of four jars had 100 items.

At the end of each of the three, 30-minute “shifts”, the site supervisors Kindergarten teachers Martha Groot, Katy Beck and Stephanie Gatesman who devised the clever 100-day activities and theme gave students a number to take out into the hall to match and put onto to the big 100 grid board on the wall.

Then the students went to a different classroom to work on different activities.

“The Kindergarten team wanted to do something different than the usual 100 day celebration and came up with this idea which was worked on over the February break,” Groot said. “The kids seemed much more engaged and it seemed to be something they could really sink their ‘tools’ into.”