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Tesla hit with massive lawsuit in California over sexual harassment at problematic Fremont plant

A Tesla factory worker in California is suing the electric car manufacturer alleging that she was sexually harassed. The lawsuit filed against the automotive giant alleges that women are subjected to rampant sexual harassment at that facility. What do we know about ... MORE
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Tesla to consider accepting cryptocurrency as payment again

Tesla may start accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment again. Tesla currently has a $1.5 billion dollar holding in Bitcoin and is considering accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment again. Tesla previously suspended their acceptance of Bitcoin in May over ... MORE
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Is a Universal Basic Income program coming to the U.S. soon? How does UBI work?

How does universal basic income work? Will the United States eventually need a Universal Basic Income program? The coronavirus pandemic has made personal financial security difficult, and a simple program could fix that. Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk got behind the ... MORE