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Federal minimum wage of $26 per hour proposed by top economist

A federal minimum wage of $26 per hour was discussed by Dean Baker, Senior Economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in a recent blog post. The argument for a $26 federal minimum wage relies on the ascertain that this ... MORE
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Affordable rent, homeownership out of reach for minimum wage workers, Lending Tree report finds

A new report by Lending Tree indicates that affordable housing is not attainable for minimum wage workers in any state in the U.S. Policymakers and advocates have called for a $15 minimum wage, but that would not be enough. That wage, twice ... MORE
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Minimum wage expected to rise again soon: Significant increase expected in coming weeks for New Yorkers

When is minimum wage going to increase again in New York? As businesses struggle to recover from the coronavirus pandemic the question is a difficult one. Proponents of higher wages say that’s exactly what’s needed to get people back to work. However, ... MORE