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Crash Course #377: Wurth, Cheesy, Stringer, Smith (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #377: Wurth, Cheesy, Stringer & Smith (podcast)

A whirlwind two weeks has brought us here. We will catch up with Cheesy and Mike Wurth of TBL. Wurth made the final shot to help TBL win the National Bracket at Blizzard Bash. We will catch up with Stringer, who had ... MORE
The Final Round #097 ..::.. Josh Williams (PODCAST)

THE FINAL ROUND #097: Josh Williams and his popular truck (podcast)

Josh Williams joins Chris Marquart and Jason Oldfield to discuss his popular truck and Lancaster announces Wall of Fame honorees on episode #97 of The Final Round Podcast on ... MORE
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Why is a catalytic converter installed on a Dodge vehicle?

Dodge car designers, like employees of other corporations, pay more and more attention to the environmental features of their inventions. They aim to reduce the burden on the environment. In many ways, such results are achieved with the help of modern catalytic ... MORE
Crash Course #376: Blizzard Bash is here at last (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #376: Blizzard Bash is here at last (podcast)

We take a hot lap around the country as drivers scramble to rebound from last-minute setbacks on the eve of Blizzard Bash 2021. Guests include Mike Schmidt, Tory Heid, Ryan Sonaglewski, Corey Ludington, CJ Barnes and Smash It’s Tim Clark. ... MORE
The Final Round #96: Back on the Air! (PODCAST)

THE FINAL ROUND #96: Back on the Air! (podcast)

After a busy fall, The Final Round Podcast returns as Chris Marquart and Jason Oldfield catch up on all sorts of family and life happenings as we get ready for a more regular drag racing schedule through the end of 2021. ... MORE

CRASH COURSE #375: Sean Porth, Steve Lahnen & Bo Lockwood (podcast)

Sean Porth ventures into the deep waters with his first Blizzard Bash build. We follow up with Steve Lahnen, a WNY regular who struck gold in the wire class at Buried Alive II, and finish with Bo Lockwood, who scored the $15,000 ... MORE
Crash Course #374: Lockwood, Koch, Buried Alive

CRASH COURSE #374: Lockwood, Koch, Buried Alive (podcast)

Bo Lockwood joins us to look ahead to Buried Alive II this weekend and we touch base with TJ McCullough going into the event in Cumberland. We finish by chatting with Kody Koch; Koch Promotions have the Turkey Derby and Battle at ... MORE
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ECO OBD2 Reviews – Is it worth for you or scam?

It is important to consider how much fuel your vehicle consumes. Your vehicle will likely consume more fuel if it has excessive fuel consumption. This can cause an increase in gas prices and other problems. ECO OBD2 can reduce the fuel consumption ... MORE
Crash Course #373: Gulley, Guy (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #373: Jeremy Gulley & Frankie Guy (podcast)

Jeremy Gulley joins us to reflect on 2021, and the $100,000 donation to Team Sanfilippo in hopes of helping research a cure for MPS Type III. We also follow up with Frankie Guy as the Hard Core Season closed at the end ... MORE
CRASH COURSE #372: Laine Frerichs & Jeff Clark (podcast)

CRASH COURSE #372: Laine Frerichs & Jeff Clark (podcast)

Returning tonight, we will catch up with Laine Frerichs to recap his championship clinching run from the weekend. We will also chat with Jeff Clark, who finished a busy 2021 campaign with success. ... MORE
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4 ways cars have changed in the last decade

A lot has changed in the auto industry over the last ten years. Almost every aspect of the automobile has undergone a transformation. The advancements have made cars safer and more comfortable.  Driving a car has also become much easier than it ... MORE
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NASCAR driver John Wes Townley shot dead after attacking estranged wife and another male with hatchet

John Wes Townley, a former NASCAR driver, was killed over the weekend in Athens, Georgia. Townley, 31, got into a dispute with his estranged wife and a man with a hatchet when he showed up at her home. The other man, Zachary ... MORE
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All the latest news on Formula 1 racing

Formula 1 Racing has always been one of the most amazing sports events to watch both on and off the land. With the pandemic still raging on and Formula 1 enthusiasts finding it difficult to keep up with the sports car racing ... MORE
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Crash Course #371: McCullough, Roman, Pagel (PODCAST)

CRASH COURSE #371: T.J. McCullough, Cory Roman & Jason Pagel (podcast)

Chris Marquart and Brian Tomkins catch up with T.J. McCullough, fresh off his win at the Iron City Nationals. The win pulled down $10,000 and a Championship belt. Cory Roman won the Big Wayne Kicker Class at the Iron City Nationals, his ... MORE
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2022 NASCAR race in Watkins Glen will be later than normal in the month of August

The Watkins Glen NASCAR race will be happening a little later in the month next year than normal. The 2022 race is set to take place on Sunday, Aug. 21 according to the 2022 Cup Series schedule. Normally the race takes place ... MORE