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8 Places to Watch the UEFA 2024 Matches Around Finger Lakes Area

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Soccer might not be the national sport in the United States, but it doesn’t mean American soccer fans would miss high-level competitions like the UEFA 2024. Luckily, New Yorkers won’t lack excellent pubs and restaurants to watch live matches of Europe’s most important competition. Come with us to explore the most exciting sports bars in the Finger Lakes region. 

Top 8 Places for Watching UEFA 2024 Matches

Indeed, there’s much comfort in watching the games from your couch while ordering food delivery. Yet, nothing compares to the vibes of a sports bar on match days. Pub food and craft beer won’t taste the same in your living room, for sure. 

New York is one of the largest cities in the world. Still, you don’t need to travel far to find some of the finest sports bars in New York. They’re right here in Finger Lakes. Read about the hottest options below, and choose where you’ll watch each match.  

Dana’s Time Out

Dana’s Time Out has all the classic elements of an exciting sports bar, with lots of big screens, screaming from fans, drinks, beer straight from the tap, and a mouth-watering menu of snacks and dishes, from chicken wings to pasta. Indeed, it’s a sports-oriented bar where even the staff dress up like referees for further amusement.

Thirsty Turtle

Thirsty Turtle isn’t remarkable only because of its 20 HD TVs around the place but also for the annual turtle race held in the summer. The bar is in a friendly neighborhood, and its general vibe is just as friendly. Besides, it’s probably the only place in the world where you can watch live turtle races, just for the laughs. Since the 2024 Euro starts in June, maybe you’ll have the chance to see the famous turtle race between one match and another. If you don’t want to bet on turtles, look at cryptocurrency betting on the 2024 Euros.

Irish Mafia Brewing

If you’re looking for an excellent IPA with a speakeasy vibe, the Irish Mafia Brewing is the best place to go. You’ll be treated to a fine selection of IPAs from the Bloomfield Brewing Company: Devoted, The Mighty Ego, Irish Loyal, Impetuous, etc. You’ll smell boneless wings, mac and cheese, and other treats from the kitchen.

Dobber’s Sports Bar & Grill

Here’s another excellent option for IPA lovers. Here, you’ll find a menu full of Three Huskies Brewing. It’s also a popular destination for sports events thanks to its kitchen, which makes some of the region’s best beer-battered fish and chips. The Snow Nose Scotch Ale and Hazy Husky IPA are the most-ordered beers, but you can also try older recipes.  

New York Beer Project

The New York Beer Project is a typical American pub and a must-visit destination in the city. It serves craft beers made in the pub’s brewery, cocktails, mocktails, and a wide range of beverages. You can enjoy your game and meal at the Rooftop Bar, The New Yorker Loft, or in the Indoor Beer Garden. Don’t forget to try their beer-battered pretzels on a hook and their massive mozzarella sticks. It’s a fantastic place for watching live sports with family and friends.

Jose & Willy’s at the Lake

Jose & Willy mix live sports with karaoke, live music, chicken wings, burgers, and more. Better still, it has stunning views of the Canandaigua Lake. It’s a nice and beautiful place where you can watch your UEFA matches and relax at the same time.  

Eddie O’Brien’s Grille & Bar

Also, you’ll find Eddie O’Brien’s Grille & Bar in the Canandaigua region. This pub adds a small town’s feel to its family-friendly environment. It serves homemade pasta and exclusive recipes, like the Dragon Fries, which involves a lot of mac and cheese. Classic beverages, local brews, and light pub cuisine are also served in the house. 

The Distillery Restaurant

If you want to watch your game but won’t give up a high-quality meal as part of the deal, The Distillery Restaurant has got you covered. The restaurant’s kitchen works only with locally sourced produce, strengthening a local chain of suppliers. There are also plenty of options for drinks, craft beers, and beverages, including martinis, wines, craft beverages, and specialty drinks.

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