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Fratto campaign reacts to video leak as primary contest in NY-24 heats up

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The campaign of Mario Fratto, a congressional candidate in New York’s 24th district, has issued a stern response to a controversial video leak, alleging unethical and potentially illegal actions by incumbent Rep. Claudia Tenney. The video, shared by Big League Politics, captures a conversation between Tenney and Fratto on Election Night 2022.

In the video, Tenney threatens Fratto, warning of a “dirty campaign” should he decide to run again in 2024. “This video confirms what I have been sharing on the campaign trail,” Fratto stated. “Claudia threatened to run a dirty campaign and tried to scare me out of running again in 2024.”

Fratto, who runs his family’s granite construction business and is a fifth-generation resident of the district, expressed concerns for his family’s well-being in light of the threats. “I have a son and a pregnant wife at home who are already being subjected to personal attacks coming directly from Claudia,” he added.

The incumbent congresswoman, who has been serving in the House of Representatives, was criticized by Fratto for what he described as a “failing grade as a conservative.” He accused her of resorting to personal attacks to divert attention from her legislative record.

The alleged attempt by Tenney to use personal information as leverage against Fratto has sparked outrage among constituents, leading to multiple complaints being filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics. “This behavior is not only shameful and desperate but also unethical and apparently illegal,” Fratto remarked, citing advice that such actions might also breach New York State Law.

Despite the controversy, Fratto remains resolute in his campaign approach, focusing on district-centric issues rather than engaging in mudslinging. “Rest assured, Claudia’s dirty tactics will not deter us from running a race focused on the issues,” he added. “That’s what the voters of New York’s 24th District want, and that’s what I’ll deliver.”

The full video and accompanying story by Big League Politics, which includes more details about the alleged threats and the content of the conversation between Tenney and Fratto, can be viewed at their website.