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Tyre moves closer to establishing new town fire department

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Two years after the Magee Volunteer Fire Department was dissolved due to legal violations, the town of Tyre is set to form a new fire service entity, the Tyre Fire Co. Inc. This development follows the town’s need to maintain adequate fire protection for its approximately 1,000 residents. The Town Board has announced a public hearing scheduled for May 22 at the Town Municipal Building to discuss the authorization of the new fire company.

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The proposed Tyre Fire Co. would be responsible for providing fire protection across the town and any additional areas as specified through contracts. Upon incorporation, the new company plans to collaborate with the Galen-Clyde Fire District, integrating active members and sharing resources for training and operations.

Since the Magee department’s closure, which was initiated after a state court found multiple violations of health, safety, and gaming laws, the Galen-Clyde Fire District has temporarily provided fire services. The establishment of the Tyre Fire Co. aims to restore a permanent and compliant fire protection structure to the community.