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Seneca County venison donation program helps fight food insecurity

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The Seneca County Health Department and the Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension celebrated the successful first year of their Venison Donation Program during the 2023-2024 hunting season. The program, part of a broader initiative to combat food insecurity, involved local hunters donating deer to be processed and distributed to food pantries across the county, addressing the growing need for nutritious food.

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In its inaugural year, the program facilitated the processing of 328 pounds of venison, which were delivered to seven local food pantries. This initiative not only provided essential meat products to families in need but also received commendations from pantry directors for the swift distribution and significant impact on the community.

Amid rising food insecurity rates, which affected over 61% of households in the region in 2023, the Venison Donation Program has proven to be a critical source of healthy, sustainable food aid. As the community continues to face challenges in food supply, the program underscores the importance of innovative solutions and community involvement in addressing hunger.