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Primary Day in New York will be opportunity for protest vote

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As the New York presidential primaries approach this Tuesday, voters are presented with a choice to either support the anticipated nominees, President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, or express dissent through protest votes.

Both candidates have already secured their party’s nomination, making this election largely symbolic. Some activists are calling for Democratic voters to cast blank ballots in protest of Biden’s support for Israel amidst the Gaza conflict, but the impact of this gesture will remain unclear until results are finalized.

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Despite the focus on the presidential race, voters also have the option to support former candidates still on the ballot, including Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson for Democrats, and Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, and Vivek Ramaswamy for Republicans.

This primary is exclusive to presidential candidates, with separate elections for Congress and state legislature scheduled for June. Participation is limited to registered Democrats and Republicans, emphasizing the importance of checking registration status and polling locations ahead of the election day.