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Friends of the Outlet celebrate 40 years of community events in Yates

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The Friends of the Outlet Inc. marks its 40th anniversary with several community events, starting with a painting project at Cascade Falls on April 21. This initiative is part of a broader effort to transform the historic mill site into a vibrant picnic area along the 7.2-mile Keuka Outlet Trail. Over the past six years, the Friends group, alongside volunteers and organizations, has worked to clear the site of the J.T. Baker and Taylor Chemical Co. ruins, enhancing access to the trail for thousands of visitors.

The painting day aims to refresh the remaining buildings at Cascade, now a hub for the Friends organization’s activities, including equipment storage, event organization, and summer meetings. The project, which might include a community mural, invites volunteers to contribute to the site’s beautification. Another significant event is the opening of the new Hopeton Campground on May 4, featuring family activities and the first campers, scouts from Troop #444.

The Friends of the Outlet’s commitment to the Keuka Outlet Trail and surrounding community is evident in their range of activities, including the upcoming annual meeting and Celebrate Cascade event. Their work not only preserves the area’s natural and historical beauty but also fosters a sense of community involvement and outdoor appreciation.