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New York gears up for total solar eclipse: Preparations, safety measures rolling out

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New York State officials, led by Governor Hochul, are making extensive preparations for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse expected to captivate residents and visitors alike. The eclipse, which will traverse the state within approximately two hours, has prompted state leaders to plan for 18 months in anticipation of the event. With the eclipse’s path of totality passing briefly over New York, officials urge those planning to travel for a better view to do so early and prepare for potential congestion due to the influx of hundreds of thousands of eclipse watchers.

To mitigate anticipated travel congestion, the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, headed by Commissioner Jackie Bray, is deploying assets like heavy tow trucks and Department of Transportation help trucks. The state is also advising the public to utilize 511NY for traffic updates and ensuring that all gas stations are well-stocked for the event. Special parking instructions have been issued to facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles, and state park campgrounds are near full capacity, underscoring the widespread interest in the celestial event.

As the state braces for a significant turnout, residents and visitors are encouraged to plan ahead for a day likened to a major snowstorm, with essentials prepared for potential gridlock lasting hours post-eclipse. Schools and businesses, including local Wegmans stores, are adjusting schedules to allow for eclipse viewing, reflecting the community’s eagerness to partake in this rare astronomical occurrence. With safety and enjoyment as priorities, New York State is set to host a memorable event as the solar eclipse brings moments of daytime darkness across the region.

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