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Helming celebrates retired Canandaigua librarian with prestigious award

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Senator Pam Helming has honored Mary Ferris, the retired Wood Library Children’s Librarian, with the New York State Senate Commendation Award for her 50 years of dedicated service. Ferris, renowned for her innovative storytelling and engagement with children, has made a lasting impact on the Canandaigua community, enriching the lives of countless families through her work at the library.

Recognizing Ferris’s exceptional contributions, Senator Helming praised her for exemplifying the essence of community service, leadership, and philanthropy. Ferris’s unique storytelling methods, including the use of flannel boards, hand puppets, and creative costumes, have brought stories to life for generations of children in the area.

As Ferris transitions into retirement, Senator Helming’s commendation celebrates her remarkable career and the joy she has brought to so many. Ferris’s dedication to fostering a love for reading and learning among children stands as a testament to her extraordinary service and legacy within the community.