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Horseheads village board approves Mooney’s Cannabis Dispensary

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The Horseheads Village Board approved a special use permit for Mooney’s Cannabis, paving the way for the establishment of a licensed marijuana dispensary in the former Denny’s restaurant location. At a village board meeting, Mayor Kevin Adams announced the decision, highlighting the community’s support for the new business venture on Chemung Street. The decision came after a public comment session where the proposal received backing, leading to a unanimous vote in favor of the dispensary.

The initiative to convert the long-vacant storefront into a cannabis dispensary is seen as a significant economic boost for the area. Mayor Adams expressed his satisfaction with the investment in renovating the derelict property, emphasizing the positive impact on the village’s economic and aesthetic appeal. The substantial financial requirement for refurbishing the site underscores the commitment to revitalizing local commerce through such entrepreneurial endeavors.

“Mooney’s Cannabis” now moves forward without the need for further approval from the state’s Office of Cannabis Management, signifying a milestone for the village in attracting cannabis-related businesses. This follows the recent approval of another marijuana business, “Upsate Cannabis,” further signaling Horseheads’ openness to embracing the cannabis industry as part of its local business landscape.