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Clyde-Savannah school board president resigns, citing stress of job

Pam Anstee, the President of the Clyde-Savannah Board of Education, has resigned from her position, citing the detrimental impact of stress on her health.

After serving on the board for seven years, Anstee stepped down following the board’s March 13 meeting, according to the Finger Lakes Times.

She mentioned dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure, which have shown improvement since her resignation. Anstee’s decision comes in the wake of handling several stressful situations over the past year, including an assault incident involving members of the school’s football team.

Additionally, the board faced challenges over the removal and reinstatement of certain books in the junior-senior high school library, prompted by objections from Rev. Jacob Marchitell and support from the Wayne County Chapter of Moms for Liberty.

Anstee, who has a long history with the district as a teacher and board member, expressed relief at her decision to step down, emphasizing the need for new leadership to tackle ongoing challenges. Vice President Kim Sullivan will act as the interim board president, with five board seats up for election in May.