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Target limits self-checkout: Will it be eliminated next?

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Target has implemented new changes to its self-checkout system, now limiting conventional lanes to purchases of 10 items or less at nearly 2,000 stores nationwide, starting March 17. This move aims to streamline the shopping experience during peak times, with the flexibility to open more lanes as necessary. In contrast, Target is enhancing its focus on traditional checkout lanes manned by team members for customers with larger orders or those seeking personal interaction.

Despite the trend towards self-service checkouts across the retail industry, Target emphasizes balancing technology with human touch. The company commits to additional training for staff to maintain high levels of customer service during checkout. Meanwhile, Target continues to offer alternative shopping options like drive-up, same-day delivery, and order pickup services for convenience.

Walmart has not announced changes similar to Target’s policy adjustments. However, there have been unconfirmed reports of Walmart limiting self-checkout use to Walmart+ members and Spark delivery drivers in some locations. Brian K. Little of Walmart clarified that adjusting checkout options is a routine practice aimed at managing customer flow and is not a new policy.