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Horseheads adopts revised signs law, welcomes new trustee

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The Horseheads Village Board, during its meeting on Thursday, March 14, unanimously passed a new “Signs Law,” aimed at regulating advertising signs within the village. Mayor Kevin Adams highlighted that the law includes provisions for temporary signs, including political ones, which must be removed after 30 days. The revised law, which also covers procedures for installing murals on businesses, seeks to streamline the approval process and acknowledge the efforts of the village’s mural committee. The law is effective immediately, applying to all property owners displaying signs.

In addition to the signage legislation, the board saw a change in its membership. Trustee Mike Skroskznik stepped down after eleven years of service, with George Koliwasky being named as his successor. Koliwasky, a resident of the Village of Horseheads, will serve on the board until the November 2024 election, in which he is also a candidate.

The adjustments to the Signs Law and the introduction of a new trustee reflect the village’s commitment to maintaining orderly advertising practices and honoring local artistry, alongside ensuring smooth transitions in its governance structure.