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Marion cold case investigation continues: Who killed “Baby Wayne?”

New York State Police are still investigating the cold case of “Baby Wayne,” a deceased male infant discovered on February 27, 1987, by a propane delivery driver along Marion-Walworth Road in Marion. The infant, named “Baby Wayne” after the county he was found in, and his mother have yet to be identified. Investigators believe the baby was placed rather than thrown by the roadside due to the absence of bruising on his body, indicating he was alive for hours after being abandoned.

“Baby Wayne” was found partially wrapped in a small-sized brown women’s sweater, which investigators speculate could have belonged to his mother. The circumstances of his birth suggest he was not delivered in a hospital, evident by the improperly cut umbilical cord. This detail adds a poignant layer to the mystery surrounding his short life and abandonment.

State Police are appealing to the public for any information regarding “Baby Wayne” or his mother. They encourage anyone with knowledge of the case to reach out to the Troop E Major Crimes Unit at (585)398-4100 or via email at [email protected], hoping to finally bring closure to this decades-old case.