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CNY duo embezzled $18,000, according to NYSP

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After a thorough joint investigation by the New York State Police in Fulton and the New York State Comptroller’s Office, two former members of the Hannibal Fire Department have been arrested for allegedly stealing funds. The inquiry, initiated in November 2022 following an audit, revealed missing funds linked to the department’s fundraisers.

Christopher M. Emmons, 40, from Hannibal, faces charges including grand larceny and falsifying business records, accused of not paying over $18,000 due to the fire department. Meanwhile, Carl M. Emmons Sr., 59, from Martville, is charged with grand larceny for allegedly keeping more than $2,000 of the department’s money. Both individuals have been processed and are awaiting further court proceedings.

These arrests follow a significant prior case involving the department’s former treasurer, accused of embezzling over $800,000, highlighting ongoing legal efforts to address financial misconduct within the Hannibal Fire Department.