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Canandaigua Classic Antique Show supports community and arts

The Canandaigua Classic Antique Show and Sale celebrated its 25th anniversary this Sunday at Hotel Canandaigua, showcasing a wide range of antiques from numerous dealers. This event not only provided a platform for antique enthusiasts but also supported a noble cause by contributing a part of its proceeds to the completion of the Inclusion in Motion Playground in Canandaigua. This playground is designed to be accessible to children of all abilities, reinforcing the community’s commitment to inclusivity.

In partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Canandaigua, the antique show also dedicates funds to bolster arts and cultural philanthropy within Ontario County. The event’s proceeds help nurture an appreciation for the visual and performing arts among local residents. Over the years, the show has significantly contributed to the cultural landscape of the area, donating more than $125,000 to various events and organizations, including the Finger Lakes Music Festival and Bristol Valley Children’s Theater.

Organizer Marianne Gallagher highlighted the antique show’s longstanding tradition of promoting the arts and supporting community projects in Ontario County. With donations exceeding $140,000 towards college scholarships and significant contributions to local cultural initiatives, the Canandaigua Classic Antique Show continues to be a vital event for both antique lovers and the broader community, fostering a legacy of philanthropy and arts appreciation.