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New System for Reporting Unreasonably Offensive Odors in Town of Seneca Falls

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  • Staff Report 

Town Supervisor Frank Schmitter has instituted new procedures effective immediately for residents and  businesses to report any unreasonably offensive odors in the Town. 

A Town resident or business may now report any unreasonably offensive odors to the Code  Enforcement Officer by calling 315-568-8013, Option 4, or emailing [email protected]. Mr.  Porcelli is located at 130 Ovid Street, Suite157, should one prefer to register their complaint in person. 

On all complaints, the Town will obtain an address and phone number for the person reporting the odor. The Code Enforcement Officer will make every effort to contact the person or persons and request that  they file a supporting deposition stating when, where and to what the complaint is related. The Deposition form is available upon request or by accessing it on the Town’s website. Just click on the form’s link to get the fill-in form.

After completing the form, the complainant may then print out and sign the form, or print out a  copy to fill in (handwritten) and mail or drop it off at the Zoning Office at 130 Ovid Street. One may also pick up (or request) a copy of the form from the Zoning or the Town Clerk’s Offices.

Every supporting deposition will contain a notice that false statements contained therein are punishable as a class A misdemeanor pursuant to section 210.45 of the NYS Penal Law and signed by the person reporting the  odor. The Town and the Code Enforcement Officer retain discretion whether to institute any Court  action. The Deposition shall be used to support a request for a Criminal Summons from local court. All court appearances will be by the Code Enforcement Officer when the Town Code has been violated. Any Court appearances will be forwarded to the Town Supervisor. 

This procedure is in addition to and complimentary to the Complaint Management Program contained in the Host Community Agreement between the Town of Seneca Falls and Seneca Meadows, Inc.