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Introducing the Future of Hospitality Recruitment: A New Job Portal Launch

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[New York, New York, 02.12.2024] OysterLink is proud to announce the official launch of its revolutionary new job portal. It will transform the hospitality industry by providing job seekers and employers with a cutting-edge platform that will bridge the gap between opportunity and talent.

This innovative platform is designed to streamline the recruitment process. It makes it easier than ever for hospitality professionals to find their dream jobs. Employers can also see the best talent at the press of a button.

A group of experienced professionals created OysterLink to provide a platform that caters specifically to the hospitality industry. The platform has been thoughtfully designed to tackle the challenges faced by employers and job seekers in the industry. It seamlessly connects the two by understanding these challenges in depth.

The OysterLink team wanted to make a revolutionary change in the hospitality recruitment industry. They spent a lot of time researching and working together to create a new job portal that would help employers and job seekers in the hospitality field. Their goal was to change the way people navigate the industry. Finally, they ended up launching a new hospitality job portal.

OysterLink is more than just a platform. It’s an example of innovation and dedication, designed to simplify the hiring process, and offer valuable resources for career growth in hospitality.

Every aspect of its design addresses industry challenges. OysterLink is set to revolutionize how professionals connect and succeed in the hospitality industry. With great attention to detail and a dedication to excellence, it’s a game-changer for the industry.

In a statement, Rea Gierran, OysterLink content specialist, expressed excitement about the launch of OysterLink, stating, “Our team is thrilled to introduce OysterLink to the hospitality community. We believe that by leveraging technology and innovation, we can revolutionize the way hospitality professionals connect and thrive in their careers.”

Key features of OysterLink include:

Comprehensive Job Listings: OysterLink’s extensive database offers comprehensive job listings. Employers can access a vast pool of qualified candidates here. At the same time, job seekers gain access to various opportunities. The roles span the full spectrum of hospitality, from front-of-house to back-of-house and everything in between.

User-Friendly Interface: OysterLink’s interface prioritizes a seamless and straightforward navigation experience for employers and job seekers. Finding the perfect match has never been easier with streamlined functionalities and robust search filters.

Focus on local listings: OysterLink’s job portal launch focuses on major metropolitan areas. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are the first areas covered, with more to come. This ensures that job seekers and companies can find each other in their local areas.

Helpful tools: Both job seekers and employers have access to a wide range of tools. For example, they can access a Paycheck Calculatorand an Overtime Pay Calculator.

OysterLink offers services directed at job seekers and employers. Let’s see what the job portal does for each group.

OysterLink understands the career goals of people seeking opportunities in the restaurant and hospitality industries. It assists them in the following ways:

  • Insights into trending salaries for the niche market: Job seekers can quickly check the latest salary trends. They can stay updated and make the best decisions regarding their next job.
  • Professional career advice: When looking for a job, you can dive into guides specific to the restaurant and hospitality industry. This data allows you to navigate your career path with trust.
  • Top job listings: Access top job posts from the restaurant and hospitality business. Find the best position that matches your skills and pays well.

OysterLink lends a helping hand to employers in the restaurant and hospitality business. After all, their success depends on hiring the right talent. Applying excellent management tactics can also prove successful. Here are three features from OysterLink that help businesses streamline the hiring process:

  • Job ad resources: Companies have access to helpful resources and insights. They enable them to create attractive job ads. They assist with planning, drafting, and publishing.
  • Identification of candidates: With OysterLink, the restaurant and hospitality businesses can optimize their recruitment processes. They can more easily focus on the most qualified candidates for their open positions.
  • Business operations insights: OysterLink’s resources vary. They include job description templates, best practices for personnel management, and tax and overtime calculators. They help businesses operate efficiently, and in compliance with regulations, while keeping costs low.

OysterLink is a specialized job platform for the restaurant and hospitality industry. It aims to connect business owners with potential employees. Their objective is to assist businesses in recruiting quickly and effectively. They also allow job seekers to find the best restaurant and hospitality jobs without digging through countless job boards.

For more information about OysterLink and to sign up for an account, please visit

Join us in shaping the future of hospitality recruitment!

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