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State will invest $30M for supportive housing in New York

Governor Kathy Hochul announced a significant investment of $30 million in supportive housing to aid vulnerable groups across New York State. Administered by the State Office of Mental Health, this funding aims to support older adults, domestic violence survivors, veterans, homeless families, and individuals struggling with mental illness or substance use disorders. This initiative is expected to provide services and operational support for up to 4,839 units of supportive housing, marking a substantial step forward in the state’s commitment to enhancing its mental health care system and ensuring safe, independent living conditions for its residents.

This funding is part of the Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative, which has contributed to over 8,400 units of supportive housing since its inception. The initiative targets a wide range of vulnerable populations, offering services essential for maintaining housing stability. This includes rental assistance, health services, employment training, and more, aiming to address the root causes of homelessness and facilitate community reintegration for those affected.

The investment aligns with Governor Hochul’s broader $1 billion plan to bolster the state’s mental healthcare infrastructure, emphasizing the critical role of supportive housing in reducing demands on shelters, hospitals, and the criminal justice system. It underscores the state’s commitment to improving the well-being and housing stability of its most vulnerable citizens, ensuring they have the resources needed for a successful recovery and integration into the community.

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