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Quicklee’s proposes new development for Erwin’s former Ames plaza

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The redevelopment of the former Ames Plaza in Erwin takes a new turn as Quicklee’s submits a revised concept plan. The initial proposal for a travel center was reworked due to zoning restrictions, leading to an innovative design that includes a gas refueling station, mini mart, and a hotel. Officials say the updated plan aligns more closely with local zoning laws, which do not permit travel centers or overnight parking in vehicles.

The proposed project, designed to accommodate the town’s regulations, features a diesel filling station, conventional gas pumps, EV charging stations, and a two-story building with a hotel on the second floor.

The current Firestone property, situated adjacent to the proposed development site, will remain unaffected until its lease expires. The future of this location post-lease will be determined by Quicklee’s, adding another layer of development potential to the area. This project represents a significant transformation for Erwin’s former Ames Plaza, potentially bringing new business and convenience to the local community.