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National Grid offers tips for staying warm and saving money

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As cold temperatures grip the area, National Grid is sharing practical tips to help residents stay warm at home while managing their energy bills.

National Grid suggests adjusting the thermostat as a starting point. Lowering it by just one degree can save one to three percent on the annual bill. Regularly changing the furnace filter can also lead to savings.

Another simple trick is to use natural light. Opening blinds during the day can warm up a room. Additionally, Paventi highlights an often-overlooked tip involving ceiling fans. By flipping a switch to make the fan spin clockwise, warm air is pushed down from the ceiling.

However, National Grid cautions against using stoves or ovens as heat sources due to safety concerns.

For those worried about high heating costs, National Grid offers information on financial assistance to manage energy bills. These energy-saving hacks are easy to implement and can make a significant difference in staying warm and reducing costs.

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