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Fake IRS letters on the rise during tax season

As tax season commences on January 29, consumers are warned to be vigilant against fake IRS letters, a common scam tactic. These fraudulent letters often instill urgency, demanding immediate payment through non-traditional methods like gift cards, wire transfers, or payment apps. Unlike legitimate IRS correspondence, these fake letters may lack the correct logo, have grammatical errors, and miss crucial details like a truncated version of the social security number.

To distinguish a real IRS letter, look for specific features: the IRS logo on the left corner, a header stating it’s from the Department of the Treasury, a notice code starting with CP or LTR, and a shortened social security number. Genuine IRS letters provide clear instructions on the next steps.

The IRS emphasizes that they do not initiate contact through phone calls or emails. If you receive a suspicious letter, do not call the number provided; instead, contact the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040 to verify its authenticity. This caution is crucial to avoid falling prey to IRS impersonation scams.

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