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BBB report: Young adults most susceptible to employment and online purchase scams

According to a study published by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in October, young adults aged 18 to 24 are increasingly falling victim to scams, more so than any other age group. The BBB highlights employment scams, online purchase fraud, and cryptocurrency/investment schemes as the most prevalent among this demographic.

Katarina Schmieder, the communications director for the BBB of Upstate New York, emphasized the importance of vigilance, especially for those seeking new employment opportunities in the coming year. The report indicates that nearly 30% of scams reported by individuals in this age group are related to employment.

The study also shed light on the types of products that young adults are most frequently scammed out of when making online purchases. These include event tickets, salon and nail services, jewelry, oral hygiene products, clothing, watches, and eyewear.

Schmieder pointed out that life changes common among this age group, such as renting an apartment for the first time, attending school, or starting to pay back student loans, can increase their vulnerability to scams. Each of these situations has associated scams, making awareness and caution crucial. The BBB encourages everyone to use their Scam Tracker, updated daily, to stay informed about scams in their area. This tool allows users to input their location to track local scam activities, providing a valuable resource for avoiding potential frauds.

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