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What the Arizona Cardinals Need to Work On

The Cardinals’ season went from bad to worst this week as they lost 45-29 to the 49ers, dropping to a record of 3-11. The team is currently experiencing the longest championship drought of any team in major American sports, and it’s clear that many fans are frustrated by a lack of progress. This season saw the appointment of Jonathon Gannon in his first major role as head coach. Although there was some excitement over his arrival, many fans would argue that he’s looked out of his depth at times.

It’s clear that the Cardinals have a lot to work on if they’re to end their drought. Next season could be better, but Arizona fans will have to do with watching the playoffs from the sidelines. Don’t forget you can bet on all the action, with Arizona online sports betting sites now legal. Signing up is easy, and there are lots of options to bet on as we get closer to the Super Bowl.

Supporting Trey McBride

McBride is one of the brightest stars in this Cardinals roster and one that they desperately need to keep hold of if they have a shot at success in the following seasons. The tight end recently showed off his capabilities in the game against San Francisco, making multiple great catches in the opening minutes of the game.

For the season, McBride is sixth in receiving yards for tight ends while he also set the Cardinals’ single-season record for receptions by a tight end. The 24-year-old has a lot of talent, and the Cardinals need to do more to ensure he has talented players around him.

McBride’s breakout season has undoubtedly attracted a lot of attention, with other players and coaches mentioning his talents in their interviews. If the Cardinals want to show they’re serious about reaching the playoffs, they need to build their roster around this rising star.

Making the Most of the Draft

The good thing about the Cardinals having a bad season is that it puts them in a great position for the 2024 draft. Right now, the franchise has eleven picks, including two first-rounders, one second-rounder, and three third-rounders. Based on how the season is going, they could end up with full control of the top of the draft.

It’s clear that the roster needs a lot of work, and the draft represents an excellent opportunity to improve things. While the attacking players might get the attention, one of the most pressing concerns in this roster is the defense. The Cardinals desperately need a good corner, and while they picked up two in the 2023 draft, they’re far from the finished article.

Of course, some offensive playmakers wouldn’t go amiss either. The lack of offensive strength this season has cost the team at key moments. Kyler Murray is a talented quarterback, though he struggles due to a lack of passing options at times. Although the first pick is likely to be quarterback Caleb Williams, it makes sense for the Cardinals to stick with Murray for now.

Standing by Gannon

It may have been a disappointing first season for Gannon, but the Cardinals fans shouldn’t get impatient. This rebuild project will take time, and everything points towards the fact that Gannon is the right man for the job. When he was brought in by the franchise in February, the former Eagles’ defensive coordinator had a lot of plaudits.

The Cardinals haven’t looked particularly good under Gannon, but there are signs that the culture has changed. The team has shown more fight and spirit, even if they’ve let themselves down at times. By sticking with their head coach, most experts agree that next season will be a big improvement.   

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