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The Text-to-Speech Feature in Online Photo Editor to Enhance Accessibility

People are tired of looking at the same boring pictures because the horizons of digital creativity are getting bigger and better day by day. Have you ever given a thought to how it will turn out if you add voice to your photos on social media? A few months back, there was no feature for adding music or speech with photos. An online photo editor like CapCut lets the users step into the world where anyone can add speech in terms of voiceover behind their photos. This is the most powerful feature that you find in an online photo editor. This feature will make your posts more engaging and attractive. 

Let’s have an Insight into What is Text-to-Speech.

It’s important to know about the basics before applying the tool to your creation. The latest text-to-speech free feature allows us to convert the written material into the voice. By using this feature you can add narration to your photos and videos. Besides, it is very helpful in including audio subtitles to your Instagram or TikTok videos. 

It Enhances the Communication between You and the Audience

Not all people are born with the visual ability to see things. Maybe some of your followers are visually impaired but they have the right to imagine what your post or product is all about through voiceovers. An online photo editor supports accessibility and thus offers text-to-speech features that make your posts accessible to a larger audience. In this way, more people can engage with your content resulting in enhancing the organic reach and impressions. 

Text-to-Speech Feature Enhances User Experience

We consume a lot of stuff on social media platforms daily but what holds us to a certain post? Imagine you are looking at some scene, while a narrator explains everything about that particular scene. It will automatically enhance the user experience. When you promote a product while giving a description about it in the background people would get involved in it and enjoy the experience. 

Online Photo Editor Allows Various Languages

When it comes to enjoying social media posts and reels, language should not be a barrier. With an online photo editor, you can now convert your text into different languages so people from different regions can understand your message easily. Also, it gives you the option to pick up the accent to make your message more understandable to your audience. With the help of the CapCut online photo editor, you can raise your voice by converting your text into speech by using a text-to-speech feature. 

Empower Your Edits through Online Photo Editor in Four Steps

Want your voice to be heard by billions of people around the globe? An online photo editor provides an equal and fair opportunity to both beginners and experts to convert text into speech in the form of narration. 

  • STEP 01: For editing, sign up first

To use the text-to-speech feature, first, sign up for the CapCut creative suite. For this purpose, go to the CapCut website by searching on Google. You will see the blue sign-up button at the top of the website. Open up the signup page and enter your email ID. CapCut takes a few seconds to verify your account. The verification happens automatically so sit tight and then log into your account. 

  • STEP 02: To use a tool, upload pictures 

First, upload the text you want to convert into the narration. You can also upload as many pictures and videos to edit with the CapCut creative suite. You can AirDrop your files or upload files from the google drive. There are also a variety of logo templates, brochure templates, and social media post templates to try. 

  • STEP 03: Empower your posts with a text-to-speech feature 

To narrate your text, go to the text-to-speech feature in the CapCut online photo editor. Write or copy all the text you want to narrate in the text box. Now click on the generate button and get the narration. Before clicking on the button, you can change the language and accent according to your choice. Besides text-to-speech, an online photo editor provides some other features like free templates, stickers, photo frames, photo collages, transparent background maker, shapes, and much more. 

  • STEP 04: Save the post

It’s time to save the voiceover file by clicking on the export button. You can save audio in mp3 format on your computer. 


There are a lot of ways through which a person can communicate with others. In the social media world, pictures and videos are the most powerful tools to communicate with followers. While adding the voice by using the text-to-speech feature auto enhances the user experience. An online photo editor provides free text-to-speech features for adding narration to your posts and videos. Do you want to provide a different user experience to your followers? Use the CapCut creative suite now and let the visuals speak for yourself.

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