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NYSP warn Steuben residents of internet scam

New York State Police have issued a warning to residents of Steuben County about a recent internet and phone scam targeting local individuals. The scam involves computer pop-ups falsely alerting victims that their bank accounts have been compromised and urging them to contact a provided phone number to protect their assets. Two residents have already fallen victim to this fraudulent scheme.

State Police advise anyone who encounters these suspicious pop-ups to refrain from responding to the suspects or sending any money. Instead, they should immediately report the incident to the State Police. The scam appears to be specifically targeting elderly and vulnerable individuals in the community, heightening concerns for their safety and financial security.

Residents with any information about these scam incidents are encouraged to contact the State Police in Canandaigua at 585-398-4100. The State Police’s warning is part of an ongoing effort to combat internet fraud and protect citizens from financial predators. By raising awareness and encouraging prompt reporting, the authorities aim to prevent further victims in Steuben County and surrounding areas.