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Seneca County initiates plan to address housing needs

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Seneca County is moving forward with efforts to enhance its housing landscape, following a 2023 study highlighting the need for a diverse range of housing options to support economic growth. In response, the county’s Board of Supervisors recently approved the issuance of requests for proposals (RFPs) for the development of a comprehensive housing plan. This plan aims to cater to the needs of low-, moderate-, and higher-income residents, recognizing housing as a crucial factor in the county’s economic development strategy.

The board’s resolution underscores the importance of creating a strategic housing plan that collaboratively involves local governments and stakeholders. This initiative seeks to establish a clear, actionable blueprint for housing development and investment within the county, aligning with the primary recommendations from the Housing Needs Assessment conducted last year.

To facilitate the creation of this vital housing strategy, funding has already been allocated within the 2024 budget of the Planning & Community Development Department. The department is tasked with preparing and releasing the RFP, marking a significant step towards addressing Seneca County’s housing challenges and fostering sustainable economic development.