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Corning PD warns of widespread phone scam impersonating cops

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The Corning Police Department has issued a warning to the community regarding a prevalent phone scam targeting residents both within Corning and nationwide. Scammers are impersonating law enforcement officers in these calls, attempting to coerce victims into making payments under false pretenses.

Typically, the fraudsters claim that the victim has an outstanding arrest warrant due to reasons like missing a court date, failing to attend jury duty, or having overdue fines. These scammers often use the names of actual police officers and manipulate their caller IDs to make it appear as though the calls are originating from Corning PD or other legitimate law enforcement agencies.

In these scams, the caller intimidates the victim with threats of arrest unless immediate payment is made. The demanded payment methods vary, including money transfers, credit cards, gift cards, payment apps, or cryptocurrency.

The Corning Police Department emphasizes that no law enforcement agency in Steuben County, including themselves, would ever contact residents to demand money or threaten arrest for payments. They advise residents to simply disconnect the call if they encounter such a scam. Additionally, victims of these scams or similar fraudulent activities are urged to inform their financial institutions and report the incident to their local police department to help combat this criminal activity.