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Supervisors table new paid leave policies in Seneca County

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors has postponed voting on two proposed employee leave policies due to confusion over amendments.

County Manager Kyle Lovell introduced the policies, including one offering up to five days of paid self-care leave as a pilot program for 2024, according to The Finger Lakes Times.

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The policy aims to promote mental health awareness and change the narrative around such discussions. Despite unanimous agreement on amendments by Board member Mike Rhinehart to reduce the self-care leave from five to three days and to convert the leave into hours, further confusion arose due to undisclosed amendments found on board members’ desks.

Consequently, Supervisor Mike Ferrara motioned to table the vote, referring it back to the Human Resources and Government Operations committee for clarification.

The second policy, concerning primary and secondary caregiver paid leave, is designed to support employees in early child-raising and family planning, providing up to 90 days of full-time pay for primary caregivers and 45 days for secondary caregivers. Similar to the self-care leave policy, this too faced a delay in decision-making due to unexpected printed amendments presented during the meeting.