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Xerox begins employee layoffs as part of restructuring plan

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Xerox has begun the process of notifying its employees about upcoming layoffs, a move described as part of a broader strategy to adopt a new operating model aimed at ensuring the company’s long-term success. The decision, announced on Thursday, is part of the ‘Renovation and Operating Model’ unveiled in January, which includes a 15 percent reduction in its workforce.

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The company is restructuring to better meet the changing demands of its clients and adapt to the modern workplace landscape. This strategy is seen as essential for Xerox to remain competitive and sustainable in the future. Although Xerox employs 20,000 people globally, with over 1,500 in the Rochester area, the exact number of affected local employees remains undisclosed.

Xerox is offering outplacement and counseling services to all employees affected by these layoffs, underscoring its commitment to supporting its workforce during this transition period. The company’s leadership believes these difficult decisions are necessary steps towards achieving long-term organizational health and market relevance.

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