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Weedsport CSD calls for community input on new Wolverines mascot

The Weedsport Central School District is reaching out to its community for assistance in designing the mascot and logo for their new identity, the Weedsport Wolverines.

Following a recent decision to transition from the Weedsport Warriors, the district has opened the door for residents to contribute their ideas, feedback, and designs for the new mascot. Interested participants are encouraged to email their submissions to the school by December 29. A select committee comprising students and staff will review the contributions and make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding the final design.

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This move to adopt the Wolverines name, chosen over the Thunderbolts, follows a directive from the state Education Department requiring schools to replace any Native American mascots or imagery by the end of the current school year.

The district is keen on developing a mascot that is recognizable, memorable, and relevant, aligning with criteria listed on their website. Residents interested in contributing to this significant rebranding effort can send their designs and feedback to [email protected]. The school district’s initiative aims to involve the community in shaping a new, inclusive identity for Weedsport’s school teams.