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Seneca Falls CSD voters approve $24.7M capital project

In a decisive vote, Seneca Falls residents approved a $24.75 million capital project aimed at enhancing three of the district’s four schools. The proposal received overwhelming support with a vote tally of 140-51, including 63 absentee ballots, surpassing the margin of the last capital project vote in February 2020, which was approved 206-52.

The plan involves utilizing $4.25 million from the district’s capital reserve fund and bonding the remaining $20.5 million. The district has ensured that no new taxes will be levied for this project, thanks to state aid covering 88.4% of the costs and the use of reserve funds.

Dr. Michelle Reed, the Superintendent of Schools, outlined that the project will primarily focus on renovations and safety improvements at Frank Knight and Cady Stanton elementary schools, as well as the middle school.

The major construction work is scheduled for the summers of 2025 and 2026, with the aim of minimizing disruption to instructional time. This significant investment in the school infrastructure reflects the community’s commitment to providing a safe and conducive learning environment for students, while strategically managing financial resources to avoid additional tax burdens.