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Sally Cotter & The Prisoner of Ala Katraz at South Seneca HS

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Step into the magical world of Frogbull Academy as the South Seneca Falcon Players bring you the tale of Sally Cotter & The Prisoner of Ala Katraz, a parody of a much-loved series of wizard books!  This is a sequel to the play the company put on two years ago, “Sally Cotter and the Censored Stone”.   Director Tina Coville-Bauder says that she and most of the cast and production team are huge Harry Potter fans, but you don’t even need to have any knowledge of HP to enjoy the show!  It is a slapstick comedy with lots of fun and craziness that will be a huge hit for the whole family!

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Sally Cotter is back, once again dreaming that she is a student at the bewitching Frogbull Academy of Sorcery. But this time she’s caught up in teenage drama as well as dealing with mysterious escaped convict Taurus Ford and battling her rival, Ursa Malaise, in the Gauntlet of Ire. Will she triumph at the expense of helping her best friends, Dave and Harmonica, with their romantic woes, all while evading Lord Murderdeath and his terrifying Demeaners? 

Sally Cotter & The Prisoner of Ala Katraz, was written by Dean O’Caroll and will be performed on stage at the South Seneca High School Auditorium in Ovid, NY,  on Friday, December 1st @ 7:30pm; Saturday, December 2nd @ 7:30pm and  Sunday, December 3rd @ 2:00pm.  

Tickets may be purchased at the door.  Prices are $6 for general admission and $5 for students and senior citizens. 

Audience members are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite witch or wizard to add to the fun!!  Bring the whole family to enjoy this familiar tale with lots of spoofy-twists!