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Peak fall foliage engulfs the Finger Lakes and most of Upstate New York

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The Finger Lakes and broader Upstate New York region are awash in vibrant autumn colors, with peak foliage observed in many areas.

Cortland County is seeing a 70% color transition, dominated by vivid red and orange hues. Ontario County’s Bristol and Naples areas echo this transformation with 70% change, showcasing a full spectrum of autumnal shades. Meanwhile, locations like Canandaigua and Victor are experiencing peak or near-peak conditions, characterized by over 75% color change, with a muted palette and notable leaf fall.

Reports from Tompkins County, including Ithaca and Trumansburg, suggest peak foliage is imminent with a dominant display of orange and yellow leaves punctuated by splashes of red. Chemung County’s Elmira anticipates near-peak conditions with up to 80% transition to seasonal hues of gold and burgundy. Onondaga County’s areas, including Labrador Hollow Unique Area in Tully and the city’s Upper Onondaga Park, forecast midpoint foliage changes, marked by muted yellows and occasional bursts of orange and red.

Wayne County’s Lyons area is nearing peak with 65% of the leaves displaying vivid yellows and oranges, alongside deep red accents. Similarly, Cayuga County’s spots like Fair Haven and Cato are approaching peak conditions, whereas Monroe County’s Rochester expects a 55-60% transition, transitioning from green to a vivid mix of yellow, red, and orange. Livingston, Steuben, and Tioga Counties are also witnessing midpoints in their foliage shifts, with dominant yellow and red hues, while Yates County around Penn Yan projects a 45% transition characterized by yellow shades highlighted with red and orange undertones