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Hochul could sign bridge legislation into law soon

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Gov. Kathy Hochul is now set to review legislation aimed at enhancing the legislative consequences of bridge collisions in New York.

The bill, if signed into law, will obligate the state’s Transportation Department commissioner to annually update the Legislature on vehicular collisions with bridges and elevated structures.

The proposed law seeks to amend the highway statute, making it mandatory for the DOT to annually detail the number, locations of bridge hits, completed repairs, prevention measures, and suggestions for avoiding future collisions. Both legislative chambers have given their nod to it.

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According to DOT data, New York witnesses almost 200 bridge collisions annually. These incidents can stem from equipment not properly secured on trucks, ignoring vehicle posting signs, or the illegal presence of commercial vehicles on parkways.

Although flood-induced collapses remain the leading cause of bridge failures across the country, overloaded vehicles disregarding weight limit signs rank second, with collision damages trailing close behind, as per both DOT and the Federal Highway Administration.