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Could the Child Tax Credit get another boost in New York?

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As the legislative session and state budget draw near, there’s growing concern among New York State lawmakers regarding the escalating child poverty rates in the state, mirroring a nationwide trend. The U.S. Census Bureau data reveal that child poverty rates have more than doubled across the United States within the past year.

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In response to this alarming rise, lawmakers in New York State are exploring legislative solutions aimed at curtailing child poverty. Proposed legislation seeks to establish a working families tax credit, enhancing the existing state child tax credit and the state earned income tax credit. This enhancement would translate to an increase ranging from $500 to $1500 per child. Senator Andrew Gounardes (D-26th Senate District) emphasized the importance of such expansions, stating, “Now we have to work to expand the credit so families are getting more money in their pockets, so they can pay for food, school supplies, clothes, basic necessities.”

Advocates for the policy underscore the direct impact of child tax credits in assisting those in poverty, correlating childhood poverty experiences with adverse outcomes in the long term. Kate Breslin, President of Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, highlighted the long-term struggles often faced by children growing up in impoverished conditions. The need for immediate and effective solutions is pressing, and Senator Gounardes urges that addressing this issue should be a priority for lawmakers when they reconvene in Albany in January.