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Cayuga County extends state of emergency over asylum crisis across New York State

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Cayuga County has found itself in a state of emergency, as declared by Legislature Chair David Gould, in light of the ongoing relocation of asylum seekers to upstate communities by New York City. This announcement was made on the same day Governor Kathy Hochul disclosed the mobilization of additional New York National Guard members to address the asylum seeker crisis in the city. This declaration echoes the sentiments of a similar one made on May 19, highlighting the ongoing tensions surrounding the influx of asylum seekers into the region.

The county has raised concerns over the seemingly conflicting information they have received regarding the adequacy of healthcare screenings for individuals being relocated out of the city. This uncertainty and the potential implications on local communities have justified the enforcement of the emergency declaration, according to county officials. Accompanying this, Gould has issued a secondary emergency order prohibiting local entities within Cayuga County from extending assistance to asylum seekers.

In adherence to the new order, any entities within the county are restrained from entering contracts with municipalities, barring the county itself, to offer shelter, sustenance, transportation, or medical assistance to asylum seekers. Any breach of this order will subject the violator to a penalty of two thousand dollars for each asylum seeker for every day the violation continues, emphasizing the strict enforcement of this directive to control the crisis.