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Naples Open Studio Trail offers art enthusiasts a scenic journey

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The Naples Open Studio Trail (NOST) is set to unfold its annual artistic voyage on October 7-8 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., around the picturesque surroundings of Canandaigua Lake, centered in Naples, New York. This event invites art aficionados to explore a diverse range of artistic creations while interacting with the creators themselves in their unique studios. This year, the trail is excited to introduce two new adept artists, Nancy Lane, specializing in painting, and Jessie Marianacci Valone, a ceramics artist, along with several returning trail favorites like Peter Blackwood, a photographer, and multimedia artist Linda Starkweather.

Visitors to the trail will have the opportunity to traverse through 12 different locations, hosting 21 artists, each offering a glimpse into their creative processes and artworks, spanning various mediums such as paintings, ceramics, sculpture, and more. Trail-goers can witness the works of nationally acclaimed artists like Darryl Abraham, featured in Washington D.C.’s Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, and master craftsman Scott Grove. In addition to the exploration of art, participants will be treated to the breathtaking fall colors and pastoral scenery of the region. The event is free, with a downloadable map available online for those interested, offering a chance to directly purchase or commission the artworks on display.

The NOST is not just an art trail but a celebration of artistic innovation and diversity, aiming to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of various art forms. This collective of dynamic artists works in a multitude of mediums, creating everything from wearables to housewares, typically available in galleries and craft fairs. This annual event, occurring on the first weekend of every October, provides a platform for the artists to connect with the public, demonstrate their craft, and share their passion for art. For more details, visit Naples Open Studio Trail’s website.