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Butler will revamp town properties with nearly $500K in grants

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Officials in the town of Butler will soon begin a comprehensive enhancement of town areas, thanks to a sizable grant secured a few months prior.

The Atlantic States Legal Foundation (ASLF) facilitated the project “Community Driven Restoration for Butler Mill Pond” in partnership with the town, using a New York Sea Grant of $49,690.

This collaborative endeavor will see Butler Mill Pond undergo significant improvements aimed at recognizing and preserving its environmental and recreational values.

The grant will fund a variety of initiatives, including a grand 20’x12′ gazebo by the pond, ADA-compliant renovations at the Town Hall, a potential boat launch, and scenic landscaping with perennial gardens and fruit trees near the Mill Pond.

Additional plans include new storage areas, an office for Code Enforcement, and scenic additions like picnic tables and benches.

Supplementing these plans with a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) worth $300,000 and COVID relief funds, Butler is primed to undergo renovations and downtown developments totaling $460,000.

As the design firm Clark Patterson-Lee crafts detailed plans, the town has also launched an official website,, offering residents easy access to crucial municipal information, forms, and departmental news. Supervisor Mettler and the town board are optimistic about the transformations ahead and encourage locals to utilize the new digital platform frequently.