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Four arrested after ‘Operation Clean Soak’ in Steuben County

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On September 5, prosecutors provided updates on “Operation Clean Soak,” a 62-count indictment against four individuals.

Adam Hosmer, John Janellie, Devin Twist, and Maurice Lake were apprehended last month. The group is accused of a slew of crimes, including breaking into homes, camps, storage units, and stealing vehicles and ATMs across several New York counties and in Pennsylvania.

Prosecutors said that this wasn’t just a series of thefts but a “criminal enterprise.” The individuals allegedly collaborated, not just for monetary gains but also to trade stolen items for drugs. Solving the case involved advanced legal technologies, including DNA analysis, cell phone evidence, and geolocation data. Numerous law enforcement agencies, including New York State Police and the Pennsylvania State Police in Mansfield, contributed to the investigation.

While the district attorney acknowledged the possibility of more culprits at large, he expressed confidence in having apprehended the core members of the operation.