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Stricter gun laws begin in New York next week

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Effective September 13, New York State is set to enforce several new gun regulations, stirring concerns and confusion among gun owners.

According to officials, those with concealed carry permits issued before September 1, 2020, were required to recertify their weapons by the end of August.

The new law also mandates concealed carry permit holders to renew their permits every three years, down from the previous five-year requirement.

This renewal process has transitioned to an online platform through the New York State Pistol Permit Recertification website. In response to these changes, officials have reported receiving an influx of hundreds of inquiries.

Further tightening its grip on gun control following recent tragic events, the state has also revamped its background check system, known as “NICS”. Starting September 13, gun shops will submit buyers’ information to state authorities instead of federal ones for the NICS check.

Moreover, background checks will also be mandatory for ammunition purchases, restricting sales to those with felony convictions, mental institution commitments, or misdemeanor domestic violence convictions.