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NY inaugurates state-owned utility-scale energy storage system

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Governor Kathy Hochul declared the launch of New York’s premier state-owned utility-scale battery energy storage facility, located in Franklin County’s North Country. As part of the New York Power Authority’s initiative, the 20-megawatt unit aims to enhance the electric grid, reduce transmission issues, and support the rise of clean energy, particularly during peak consumption. The state envisions the Northern New York Energy Storage Project as a blueprint for subsequent storage structures, significantly aiding in reaching New York’s ambitious goal of establishing 6,000 MW of energy storage by 2030.

Governor Hochul emphasized the project’s role, stating, “The Northern New York Energy Storage project is a pivotal move towards fulfilling New York’s energy storage and environmental aspirations. These energy storage innovations enhance the reliability of our power supply and bolster the establishment of a comprehensive clean energy grid.”

Situated in Chateaugay, near Plattsburgh, the facility boasts five enclosures, each containing over 19,500 batteries, capable of collectively powering about 3,000 homes. Strategically placed, the region produces over 80% of its electricity from renewable sources. The storage site, by seizing surplus generation and releasing it during heightened demand, aims to foster a more cost-effective and dependable power supply in New York.

Acknowledging the occasional uncertainties of renewable sources, the project offers a solution for harnessing surplus energy during optimal generation periods, ensuring its availability during peak requirements. With components like inverters and transformers linked to the nearby Willis substation, the facility was erected by O’Connell Electric Company, Inc. To further bolster the state’s commitment to energy safety, Governor Hochul introduced a dedicated Inter-Agency Fire Safety Working Group to oversee and enhance the security standards of such facilities.

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