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University of Rochester institute delves into environmental impacts on health

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The University of Rochester’s newly established Institute for Human Health and the Environment aims to expand its long-standing research on the environment’s pivotal role in human well-being.

Launched earlier this year, the institute fosters interdisciplinary collaboration to address pressing issues intertwining environmental factors and human health.

Spearheaded by B. Paige Lawrence, who also heads the department of Environmental Medicine at URMC, the initiative will explore key areas such as climate change’s health implications, environmental justice, air and water quality, and the lifelong effects of environmental factors on health.

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With roots tracing back to the 1940s, the university’s rich history in environmental health and toxicology includes notable accomplishments like the local lead poisoning prevention system, which set a national benchmark for community intervention.

Officials emphasized the institute’s commitment to understanding how everyday elements, from dietary habits to the climate, shape our health, potentially influencing diseases and the immune system’s resilience.

Collaborations with local and global partners, such as businesses and nonprofits, will be paramount to shape their research and inform policy adjustments. Among these partnerships, the institute works with local firms on workforce safety and microplastic water contamination.