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First responders battle complex vehicle fire in Tyre

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On July 8 the Clyde Fire Department was dispatched to a challenging vehicle fire situation in the town of Tyre.

The vehicle was located a significant distance off the main road on a 4-wheeler trail, requiring an all-terrain response.

Despite rapid deployment of the duty crew and the use of a Utility Task Vehicle, the difficult terrain presented considerable obstacles, as the fire was about a mile off the main road and unreachable by standard vehicles.

Adding to the complexity, the vehicle fire had spread to the surrounding brush by the time the teams reached it.

All departments worked swiftly to control the fire, despite the arduous process of transporting water to the site, necessitating repeated trips by the UTV.

Once the fire was confirmed extinguished, all units and personnel were safely accounted for and released back to service, marking the end of a complex operation.