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Will milk be served in school cafeterias?

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As the USDA contemplates excluding chocolate milk from school lunches due to concerns over children’s sugar intake, New York State lawmakers and dietitians are voicing opposition.

Lawmakers like Assemblyman Chris Tague, insist on the vital role school meals play in providing children, particularly in New York’s diverse urban and rural areas, with vital nutrition.

This debate has wider implications beyond health, reaching into the economic realm as well. There are proposals to reinstate 2% and whole milk in school lunch menus, items previously removed during the Obama administration.

Increased dairy options in schools would bolster New York’s struggling dairy farming industry, considered a significant contributor to the state’s economy. Moreover, milk offers 13 essential nutrients, with Tills stressing the role of dairy in addressing nutrient deficiencies and promoting muscle growth in children. A petition is in place to gather support for the return of 2% and whole milk in schools.

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