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A Guide on Best Tennis Bookmakers You Should Try

If you’re a fan of tennis, then you probably should know that you can bet on your favourite players. But how can you ensure the betting websites perfectly fit your needs? Read on to find out more about our research on the best tennis bookmakers you can try. 

How many people bet on tennis?

As of 2022, tennis became the third most popular sport people place bets upon. Besides European bettors, tennis also started to gain momentum in the US, with bettors beginning to wager on tennis matches more frequently.

The basics of online tennis betting

To bet online, you have to create an account on the website you choose to play. This step is crucial, and you must verify if your chosen website is legitimate and secure. After that, you have to select the payment method suitable for you. 

Unlike online casinos, where you can get different benefits and even play with no deposit in some instances, in tennis betting, you have to pay before placing your bet. 

Top tennis betting sites and what they offer

Finding the right platform where you can practise your betting can be challenging, but there are numerous factors to consider when reviewing tennis betting sites. From payment methods and types of bets to live bets, each betting site must offer something different to gain users. 


Among the most popular bookmakers, Bet365 offers a complete variety of betting options, including tennis. One of the most appreciated features of this betting platform is the live betting option, so punters can watch the game live and place their bets accordingly. 

Bet365 also provides a cash-out option – players can cash out their bets earlier, which gives them more control over their bets. Another worthy feature for Bet365’s users is the statistics and analysis feature, which provides helpful information for punters. 

Apart from these, remember that the features of Bet365 may vary depending on your location. Thus, you should always check the website’s terms and conditions before registering to ensure they offer the exact features you need.


For US bettors, BetMGM remains the obvious choice for many, not just for tennis betting. With various promotions and bonuses. What differentiates BetMGM from the rest of the sportsbooks is the multitude of bets punters can place:

  1. Match betting – wagering on the outcome of a single match;
  2. Outright betting – betting on the overall performance of a player;
  3. Set betting – wagering the number of sets a player will win during a game.

BetMGM is one of the most reliable bookmakers as they offer a variety of betting features on their websites, including live betting. You can also pay using different payment methods, so you’ll find this website appealing if you’re a big tennis fan. 


Another famous betting website among punters, DraftKings, has over 5 million active users. DraftKings covers various types of tennis betting, but unlike other websites, DraftKings imposes specific terms and conditions. 

For example, on this website, the punter has to make a minimum deposit of $5. 

Also, bettors can better understand the bonuses they can claim on this website by trying out the deposit bonus calculator, a rare feature on tennis betting sites. 

Tips on picking the right tennis betting website

Before registering a new account and betting on tennis matches, each punter must go through a determined set of rules and steps to ensure their betting experience runs smoothly. 

Pick a legitimate betting operator

It is essential to choose a betting website that holds a proper licence so that the betting platform meets security requirements while being adequately regulated.

Check the terms and conditions of the website

Before registering, make sure that you read the terms and conditions the website imposes so that you know all about your rights and obligations. Ensure your personal information is protected and you are not exposed to other dangers such as fraud.

Check the payment options

Another thing to consider would be how to make payments on the platform. Verify if the operator includes in their options the payment method you prefer. Some websites started to include crypto payments. 

Look for other punters’ reviews

The last thing you need to do is to search for other punters’ reviews on the website you are about to use. Also, gambling and betting experts handle reviews of most betting platforms, so you can get all the necessary information to make a good decision. 

Betting on tennis has never been more accessible

Even though it is true that when thinking about sports betting, many people correlate it with football, tennis has begun gaining popularity over the years. Therefore, the number of tennis bettors has continued to grow over time, and in the future, tennis betting will become as common as football or basketball wagering.

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